a musical travelogue about istanbul in february 2012

words & music composed & recorded by manfred schöller

drum-programming/synthesizer: christof neugebauer

camera: manfred schöller, beatrix kaufmann  /  video-edit: manfred schöller




2012 - end of the world - prophecies of maya 

words & music composed & performed by manfred schöller

video-footage & edit by manfred schöller (©/2012)

the predicted end of the world and an apocalyptic mood is a tender subject in this year where it should happen, but it is a great theme for a song . . . no matter what happens - if there will be a change, this could be a great opportunity to change our minds and lives!



a little happy Instrumental,  made on  iPad -  

using the apps: OddTunes, Hang, Videofilters, Frameographer and Wineglass